Self-harm is a challenging behavior to stop without help. If you struggle with self-harm and are reading this page, you have taken the first step towards recovery.

There is no one answer that fits all. That's why I custom create a treatment plan that is right for you. I know that that self-harm is never done as a fad. I know if you are self harming you are in an incredible amount of pain. I know if you are reading this you want to stop.

I can help you. I am Kisstopher Musick MS Psychology the lead therapist for AG, and I get it. I know that treatment must begin with listening. From the time of our first meeting I will listen to you and help you understand why you self harm. We will work together to conquer the issues that create the desire to self harm.

I believe you can have more good days than bad. I believe you can live a life free of doubt, anxiety, depression, and self harm. I will be there for you every step of the way. You don't have to do this alone.

If you cannot make it to my office, located in the heart of Nagoya, I can work with you via Skype. All appointments and inquiries are confidential

Schedule by phone: 080-9170-8822 or by email: moc.oohay|ecnadiugtnemtsujda#moc.oohay|ecnadiugtnemtsujda

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