Career Development

Career development is for those seeking advancement or improved fulfillment at work. Career development begins with an assessment of your goals and formation of a plan. Each person has their own understanding of what success means, as does each company. Understanding the company’s values, how they were developed, and how to apply them to your work improves personal and professional fulfillment.

Through a review of company and personal standards together, we will create a metric you can use to measure your success, set goals, and enhance your performance. Together we will identify any obstacles to your success. We will explore the appropriate and best continuing education, professional organization memberships, and personal development opportunities offered by your company, as well as the right responsibilities to take on to move closer to your goals. We will also identify the best way to highlight your successes and improve communication. Through a process of guidance, feedback, and application we will fine tune your personal tool kit and design a plan for to achieve your goals.

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All appointments and inquiries are confidential. Due to the pandemic all appointments are conducted via Skype or Zoom.

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