Improving Confidence and Positivity


Confidence is the belief that we can succeed. The number one destroyer of confidence is negative self-talk. What we say to ourselves greatly impacts our ability to believe we can succeed. If we are to become more confident, we need to pay attention to the messages we send ourselves via self-talk. We often chip away at our sense of well-being and confidence through internal expressions of self-doubt. This negative self-talk leads to us being negatively primed. When we are negatively primed, our belief in positive outcomes is greatly diminished. By monitoring our self-talk we can determine if we are positively or negatively primed. If we are negatively primed, we can take steps to change this. (read more…)

Traveling to New Horizons Guest Post by Rasta Musick


Many people go traveling when they are searching for themselves. While I haven’t traveled with that as the goal, I have learned a lot about myself. Traveling has a relaxing and soothing effect on me that helps me to be more in tune with who I am. Since taking a trip is all about enjoying the time I have wherever I am, I’m able to cut loose more so than I would be able to normally. The stress or pressure from a normal day isn’t there while on a trip, even if it’s only for a short while. Being in a new place and feeling open to new experiences enables me to interact more freely with the people around me. These interactions allow me to further explore myself as I get to know how I am when there’s fewer limiters. (read more…)

Being Kind to You


I believe that the key to having more good days than bad is compassion for self. This sounds deceptively simple but is actually rather complex. Compassion for self is about knowing in your bones that you are deserving of kindness, nurturance, patience, and love. (read more…)

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