Adjusting To Raising a Family in Japan

Hands down, the biggest concern for families moving to Japan is education and childcare. If your family is bilingual, the Japanese school system is amazing and will be a good fit. For families without a member who is fluent in Japanese, there is a surprising number of options in a variety of price ranges. There are a lot of English language preschools, elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools. In the Aichi region, there are schools that teach from a variety of educational paradigms. Some schools draw from a specific country or program of certification, and some draw from specific religious curriculums. (read more…)

Adjusting to the Transient Nature of Expatriate Friendships

Expatriates tend to have one thing in common, and that’s a bit of wanderlust. Expatriates typically like to travel and don’t mind moving. Some are searching for adventure; others are looking for their place in the world. Those who are looking for adventure tend to find the transient nature of all things exhilarating. Those who are looking for their place in the world tend to be looking for permanence. These two extreme views on life and the expat experience impact friendships because, interestingly enough, both types tend to move around a bit before settling in one place for an extensive amount of time. This can make building friendships hard. (read more…)

Adjusting to Building the Life that Fits You

As an expat, there are some dangers and pitfalls when crafting a life in Japan. There are a lot of assumptions made by those who have never lived in Japan about what should be easy. First, nothing is easy in Japan. The expat experience in Japan is not for those looking for an exotic destination that they can immerse themselves in. Japanese society is not an easy thing to become a part of, and life on the periphery can be all too much for some and all too little for others. For those that make it to year five, something amazing begins to happen. The life you live begins to be on your terms and all of those “I shoulds” go right out the window. (read more…)

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