Adjusting to Loving Someone with Depression

An individual who is depressed wants to be happy and mentally healthy. Depression is not enjoyable or fun. Depression is misunderstood and stigmatized. When in a depressed state, people are, for all intents and purposes, prisoners trapped by their own personal demons. Why or how these demons come to be has as many answers as there are people with depression. Fighting depression is not a matter of willpower. An individual with depression cannot simply do as they want. Depression is a captor that denies the individual the ability to enact decisions. (read more…)

Adjusting to the Many Levels of Depression

Those living with depression know that it comes in many forms. Chronic depression is a drain on energy and the ability to feel joy. This is not to say that a person who is chronically depressed never feels joy, but those moments of joy are rare and usually short-lived. (read more…)

Adjusting to the Fact that Chronic Anxiety is a Mental Illness

Anxiety is a painful mental illness and very difficult to overcome. Highly anxious states make it difficult to breathe, let alone to function. It interferes with concentration and diminishes the ability to think clearly. It is painful and feels inescapable. Anxiety can often feel like dying. Anxiety is an excruciating pain, and those who suffer with chronic anxiety become experts at hiding it from the world. (read more…)

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