Adjusting to life with depression and being medication resistant

Living a full and productive life is possible even with medication-resistant depression. It is difficult to manage depression without medication, but it is possible. If medication works, I strongly suggest taking it. This is not a post about the evils of big pharma or an anti medication rant. This post is intended to give hope to those who have not found medication to be helpful and are clinically depressed. (read more…)

Adjusting to Life without Medication

Having a mental illness and being medication-resistant can make life just that much more challenging. It also makes coping with a mental illness way more challenging. There is a persistent feeling of being doubly broken as well-meaning doctors prescribe the latest new “miracle” drug and it has no effect. After running the gauntlet of medications and varying dosages with no real results, the reality that there is no medical relief starts to set in. That realization is often accompanied by a loss of hope and beginning to feel as if things will never get better. That is, point blank, not true. Life with a mental illness can improve without medication. If medication is working, then please continue to take it. This post is not an anti-medication post; it is a post intended to give hope to those who have not found a medication that works. (read more…)

Adjusting our understanding of anxiety

Anxiety is terrorizing and impacts every part of a person’s entire being, robbing them of hope and fosters a general sense of rot and ruin. Anxiety makes everything good feel tenuous and fragile, while making everything bad feel magnified and permanent. Intense anxiety attacks start at the top of the head and flow through the entire body down to the toes, making the sufferer hyper aware of their physical self. An acute anxiety attack feels like dying as the body is rocked by waves of nausea, dizziness, and a general sense that at any moment your entire being will disintegrate or fly apart. The hyper awareness of self feels like knowing how loosely the molecules are attached – that all it would take is a good strong wind to blow them apart. (read more…)

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