Happiness Blog July 22, 2019

Emotions can be contagious. The more people in our lives who are genuinely happy, the more likely we are to feel happiness. The same goes for joy. Look at the people in your life and ask yourself, do they seem joyful? It does not need to be Pollyanna level joy, but they do need to register to you as joyful. As you do this, ask yourself: how did these people come to be in your life? What type of people are you attracted to? To be clear, you can be dark and still have a sense of joy. Having a dark sense of humor or fighting for social good does not mean a person is joyless. (read more…)

Happiness Blog July 15, 2019

We have all had times of joy in our life, even if they were only the briefest of moments. Feeling joy and catching joyful moments is an important part of increasing overall happiness and well-being. Attending to our joyful moments allows us to take notice of what brings us joy. Once we are aware of what brings us joy, we can actively seek it out. In week one of July, we did a bit of reflecting on what brings us joy. This week, we are going to dig even deeper, looking back over our lives for those joyful moments. Looking back can often help us remember who we are and how we came to be where we are. (read more…)

Happiness Blog July 8, 2019

Another aspect of joy is laughter. When I laugh, I feel it my whole being. Laughter lights up the entire brain and bathes it in positive chemicals. Laughter lowers blood pressure and reinforces a positive mind-body connection. Laughing with abandon is fun! One of the things I love most about podcasting with my husband is how much he makes me laugh. Creating opportunities for laughter increases joy exponentially. We often get so caught up in our daily grind that we forget to laugh. I find comedy and comedians are a great way to laugh. The more comedians I watch, the more likely I am to have a chuckle in the middle of my day as I remember a joke they told. (read more…)

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